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WordPress is known as a Content Management System (CMS). 

It started back in 2003 as essentially a more user friendly website platform for bloggers. 

As time has passed the platform has evolved tremendously not only allowing for a way better user experience on both sides but has expanded to be an excellent option for most web applications and a go-to option for those in the web design world.. 

Currently WordPress is the platform of choice for nearly 40% of all the websites on the internet. 

Why is WordPress such a dominant option for web designers?

WordPress has grown to be an excellent solution because of its tremendous flexibility able to marry with countless plugins and technologies that make it have nearly unlimited potential. 

There are plugins that help site admins manage many of the tasks necessary for a successful website. Some of the more popular plugins simplify things like SEO and more.

WordPress is also an excellent option for those who have various integrations they need integrated into their website like a CRM, email collection, and social media features to name a few.

Additionally, WordPress is open source making it readily available to people to use, modify and improve at will. This ease of access has attracted the interest of some of the webs best developers frequently releasing new plugins and features that make WordPress functional in even more instances.

Why would I want my site built on WordPress?

WordPresses simple user interface allows for easy user creation allowing developers to define certain user criteria giving owners or various contributors access to the functions they need. Even allowing them to update, modify and delete specific content all the way up to entirely modify, add and/or delete website features and content. 

WordPress also has many solutions for those looking to successfully sell online as well with various E-commerce solutions to fit the needs of nearly any E-business.

Most web developers utilize WordPress because it allows for a simple handoff to website owners who can then easily modify their content without costly calls into developers. 

For many companies or organizations internal contributors can be assigned these updating tasks and without tremendous training successfully execute them without compromising the security or stability of the website. 

What is the future of WordPress?

Really the future of WordPress appears nearly limitless. 

With it’s low cost yet extreme levels of customizability, it’s likely it will continue to attract developers, web designers and customers alike. 

Because of it’s popularity, when new technologies and integrations come out they make WordPress  “A” top if not “THE” top priority because of the magnitude of it’s community. 

Considering the platform is open source and now we have WordPress junkies who have been advancing the platform forward for years, it’s likely innovation will continue to occur elevating the platform to even greater heights. 

In Conclusion…

WordPress is an easy to access, easy to use Content Management System that is the most utilized development and web design platform on the web. It attracts tremendous interest from developers and users making it an incredibly dynamic platform to build and grow your website with new features being added and/or improved everyday. 

It also allows web designers and web developers to create user profiles that allows owners the ability to modify simple site elements without risking crashing or harming their site. 

For more information on WordPress, stay tuned to our blog and if you have any additional questions on how WordPress can work for you, feel free to reach out to us anytime. 


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