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Content creation is really the backbone for any long term successful web strategy.

Understanding who your audience is and what kind of information they seek is critical to best serving not only your online community but your supporters at large.

So often businesses aggressively ram “Calls to action” down our throats one after the other in the hopes they’ll get a purchase but the reality of the situation is, we often buy from who we trust.

Creating valuable content that educates, the makes the community laugh, think and engage is what leads to orders and/or support.

We recommend first understanding who your audience is. We then encourage you to consider what types of content should be integrated into your strategies. Maybe you do a quote of the day, maybe every Monday is a sale, perhaps you do “Testimonial Tuesday”, Friday could be a funny meme entirely unrelated to your product but posted in the hopes of launching your audience into their weekends in a good mood.

Once you have your cadences down which is what type of content you’re going to post and when, then you have to create and/or collect the content and post it at those defined times.

By having this structure you can begin to get familiar with how receptive your community is to each content type and further polish your strategies from there hopefully increasing engagement and conversion as a result.

If you’d like to discuss how we can assist you in creating these easy to follow blueprints, reach out to us today. We’d be glad to help you formulate a content creation and distribution strategy that wins.