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So often designers or companies seeking a new website(s) don’t go deep enough in their initial research to ensure the new property delivers the most value possible.

In today’s age with so many unique tools for marketing, sales, support, etc… a much more thorough due diligence is necessary before pulling the trigger on your new website project so the investment you make in it yields the greatest return not only monetarily but in other ways like the efficiency of your team, streamlining marketing and more.

For us at Werkaholix, we manage essentially everything we do through our website. To include internal and external training, calendar management, project management and many other functions of our business. Putting more of what we do in one spot allows us to navigate more efficiently and in turn get more accomplished in a simpler fashion.

One of the more important components to consider when launching your new website, is CRM (Customer Relationship Management) integration. With most credible CRM’s offering all sorts of marketing and lead capture functionalities, including CRM talk in the discussion of your new website’s functionality is imperative.

At the end of the day, your objective with your website is conversion. Attracting visitors and offering the value necessary to garner their support. The worst thing that can happen is not managing the relationship properly from there, tarnishing your brand and inhibiting your ability to convert that traffic into money.

Any good design project starts with a thorough brainstorm / strategy session so things separate but related to your website are all taken into consideration as your site materializes. Generating interest is critical but perhaps more important is how that interest is managed after the fact opening the door for long term success. Understanding your objectives and designing the proper resources working together in harmony will pay dividends and save tremendous headache down the road.

We work with many different CRM’s and can help you understand which can provide you the most value or if you already have an established CRM, which design / development strategies will allow you to experience it’s full potential.

In addition to your CRM and how it interacts with your website, we should also talk about other tools you use. Do you use MailChimp for your email marketing? What’s the status of your social media footprint and how well is that communicating with everything?

A solid discovery in the infancy of your new web project will prove to have been invaluable as your projects stands to it’s feet. It will allow you to nip things in the tail before they catch you off guard or even better prevent em from even coming up to begin with.

By having these conversations you begin to create the map where you can simply see everything’s orientation to one another and as easy, how to navigate from one destination to the other without unnecessary roadblocks.

If you have a project beginning to materialize and you believe the above discussion could be beneficial, we’d love to host it and are certain it’d be worth your time. For a free evaluation, never hesitate to give our team a call who’s happy to discuss your options. Happy converting!

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