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Email marketing is unquestionably one of the most important things you can integrate into your web design and website.

Well thought-out placement of opt-ins and intelligent strategies to nurture your audience can be one of the most beneficial things you can do.

There definitely is a fine line here as with so many people doing email marketing wrong, many people are a bit gun shy and hesitant to opt-in but if your strategies are right and you’re giving people valuable content without ramming your agenda down their throat violently, you have a real chance cultivating not only a strong customer base but a community.

For email marketing to be done properly you have to make sure you’ve laid the proper foundation which is the quality of emails you build your list with. Going out and purchasing a list and grabbing emails through shady practices will most certainly prove foolish, have you black listed and amount to nothing more than a giant time-waste and the tarnishing of your brand.

Starting with current customers is an excellent place to start. Tailoring support emails that trickle in after their purchase making sure they’re getting the most out of it speaks volumes to your commitment to them and will have them continuing to open your emails thereafter as a result.

From there you can gather emails through ebooks or podcasts… basically trading the person real value for permission to keep in touch. Utilizing tools like the above helps people familiarize themselves with your brand and because of it, there will be a higher likelihood they pay attention to you (including your emails) in the future.

Once you’ve built out a solid list of people you have a legitimate relationship with now you have to create the content you will utilize in your email marketing as well as how you’re “calls to action” will be integrated so all your intelligent, servant efforts, can lead to additional sales.

Always lead with value. Never ask for the business first. Remind them that you’re a generous pillar of the community, working diligently to strengthen your relationship with it. Open with an awesome testimonial or talking about a super cool community event you were involved in. Share with the people the positive impact you have on customers and the community.

Once you’ve shared with people the positive impact that is being made because of your business and it’s community, share with them an awesome deal or cool promotion you’re running. Specialize it as best you can, segregating your group for better personalization… Only sending promos that the recipient has a likelihood of being receptive too.

Web design is an incredible task and art and doing it well requires years of trial and error. If you’d like to learn more about our tips and tricks for successful email marketing as well as well as successful web design and digital marketing strategies, never hesitate to reach out.

We’re standing by and happy to assist.

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