Google analytics is an incredibly sophisticated platform and service offered by Google that provides invaluable insights related to a website, it’s effectiveness and how people are interacting with it.

This charted data once properly setup will give you tremendous clarity as to what is working, what isn’t and what can be improved on your site.

What kinds of data are available in Google Analytics?

From you Google Analytics dashboard you can see how many sessions your site has seen. How many users have visited the site. How long they explored the site. How many people left before giving it a chance.

You can see where the traffic came from both in terms of sites and geography. You can see what times of the day people visit your site and on what device they are viewing it on.

How can this data be used to your benefit?

Understanding the above first gives us some direction as to what is working and what requires our focus.

You may find that the site begins to serve a different purpose to visitors than you intended and you can begin to pull it back on the track and go in a new direction with perhaps greater success.

As we gather, get familiar with and monitor this data overtime we now can modify the site intentionally because we have trends and data to base strategies on.

What kind of impact can I expect to see when utilizing Google Analytics?

Without Google Analytics you’re essentially flying blind when it comes to the development of your site. Sure you can look to orders, subscribers and such as an indication of success but without understanding their demographics, where they’re coming from and when, you put yourself in a position of weakness and inefficiency unable to accurately target ideal candidates for your product and service allowing for less than possible conversion.

Data is the new oil. Understanding where to get it and how to use it eliminate guess work and increases your likelihood of success nearly an immeasurable amount.

Where can I learn more about Google Analytics?

Google offers some really cool trainings and resources that allow us to get familiar with it’s features. With that said, the program changes frequently so it’s recommended you have someone on the team who’s responsibility is keeping up with it’s evolution so your site(s) can allows be on the front line of changes and in the greatest position of strength.