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So you have a business and message you’d like to share.

First you have to establish with the search engines you’re real and should be considered as an authority in the space.

Real organizations have physical locations, they have skin in the game, they’re in the phone book, have Yelp pages and are listed in various other directories around the web.

Many of these platforms have the ability for users to rate the said organization creating valuable information for potential customers to make educated choices. This transparency and exposure is respected by many of the search engines. Putting yourself out there and vulnerable to feedback creates credibility and shows you’re serious about your trade.

The first step is understanding what directories/communities are relevant to your vertical. If you sell organic dog food, there’s no reason to be listed on a directory who’s focus is chic sweaters. In recent months we’ve actually suspected that listings on irrelevant directories may actually be more harmful than good.

What we recommend is wearing your “buyer” hat… Act like you are a potential customer of your product or service. Type in terms that one might to find your service. As you do this pay special attention to the communities or organizations that vet organizations in your vertical and are respected because of it.

The destinations people go to to validate credibility in your industry is where you’ll want to be.

Once you’ve created this web of directories relevant to your industry, you’ll want to thoroughly understand the options and opportunities within their platform to make your listing and presence as strong as possible.

Get custom graphics to professionally complete your profile, list your hours, link to your website and social networks, update regularly, absolutely and quickly respond to feedback from customers… essentially take pride in your listings and the benefits will be felt.

In conclusion, be a customer… search away and better understand what they’ll experience hopefully leading up to finding you. Learn who the organizations are who are essentially trusted to vet people within your vertical. Create profiles there and do it like a pro pushing your profile to be the most complete, attractive and nurtured on the platform and customers will find their way to you.

Additionally, these profiles linking back to your site will be excellent back links further improving your Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

For additional questions or more information on our services, please never hesitate to reach out. We’re standing by, glad to assist.

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