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Tumblr although boasting some respectable numbers may be one of the more undervalued social networks as it’s truly unique when compared to the rest.

The site as a social network is geared more toward bloggers yet easily allows users to share photos, videos, links more making in an excellent piece to your web design and grander marketing strategies.

Tumblr originally went live in 2007 and is the brain child of David Karp.

The site is home to nearly 500 million blogs and sees an average of 400 million monthly users.

There are over 7.2 million blogs created each month evidencing a sizable audience and clear marketing opportunity.

Nearly half of Tumblr’s users fall into the “Millennial” category with the split between males and females nearly even with males slightly higher at 52%.

Tumblr is a very unique platform catering to equally unique demographics.

Creating a blog on this platform and cultivating a community within it, may prove to be a decision you’re thankful you made as the platform continues to services an increasing base of users month after month.

If you have questions about Tumblr or about how we can help you launch a successful Tumblr blog, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.

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