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So often people jump out ambitious to create and launch their brand new website but do so without clearly understanding their goals.

As odd is it is to say, the only thing worse than a site that under-performs is a site that produces more traffic than you can handle. Both are unique challenges and should be avoided whenever possible.

Understanding your goals and having the ability to scale as you grow will be critical to you’re long term success.

It’s amazing how asking yourself a few simple questions can prevent massive frustrations down the road. I would refer to these as “foundational”. They kind of lay our the ground work for where we’ll build.

By understanding the below you’ll have greater clarity and as a result be able to strategize in all capacities much more effectively.

This first is simple…

Who am I/we and what are we setting out to do?

Before jumping out into the unknown it’s super important you understand who you are. What specifically are you looking to accomplish? Are you looking to share your salon services with the most people? Is it to attract a certain amount of investment capital? Who are you? Why should people listen to you? And what do you want them to know?

Who is else is doing this?

Type in search terms that you’d like to come up for. Once Google has returned the results, who appears? These are the companies that you’ll be competing with for that term. How are they broadcasting their message? What’s good? What’s bad? Based on what your competitors are doing you’ll have a pretty good idea of how you’re segment in general is marketing and it’ll become clearer to see how you should position yourself.

Who’s successful and why?

Knowing not only who your competitors are but why they’re ranking and converting is key information. There’s instances reinventing the wheel is warranted… there’s instances where it’s not and adopting proven strategies can be the absolute smartest way to help your business gain traction.

Who’s failing and why?

Digging deeper into the SERPS (Search Engine Results Pages) and finding under-performing sites will give you insights into ineffective strategies that now that you’re aware of them won’t find yourself falling victim to repeating. You may just fall on the nugget of genius though that although maybe not valuable enough to pull these guys out of the hole, coupled with what you learned from the leading sites, could put your new site out in front of em all.

What can I offer that they can’t?

Once you’ve done the above, you know who you are, you know who you’re up against and why they are where they are. Through this knowledge you’ll begin to see gaps. Opportunities between needs and solutions. With this understanding you can tailor your products and/or services to fill that void and provide your customers a solution better than the rest.

Why should they buy from us and not them?

This one is a bit deeper but something to consider in the spirit of long term success. Getting traffic and converting it is one thing. Exceeding customers expectations to the degree they return or better, tell their friends, will be a key ingredient to maximum success. For you to benefit from these referrals your message, your value will need to make a splash. If you can connect with your customers and provide them value beyond your product as perhaps an ambassador for this common interest, people will begin to perceive you not just as a company but as a trust influence. Supporting industry associations, community groups and more can be an incredibly powerful way to give back and set yourself apart from the pack as the most credible and expert of options.

Business is a challenge. I certainly don’t have to tell you that… With that said, it can be the most fruitful and rewarding of experiences and that potential is worth the hits, the challenges and the sleepless nights.

It’s amazing what a little preparation in the beginning can prevent though and if you brainstorm that above I believe you won’t only be way better prepared to achieve success but you will have learned a strategy of reflection that will better prepare you to take on any tasks your business may face.

Werkaholix specializes in facilitating these conversations, getting to the nitty gritty and devising solid plans that yield fruitful results.

Should you have questions, please never hesitate to reach out.