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One of the absolute best ways to increase customer retention is to survey your audience.

Instead of releasing new products or services based on what you think will be successful, reach out to your customers and let them tell you what they’re interested in.

Survey’s are beneficial for so many reasons.

They give you clarity on what the market wants.

The show your customers that you value their opinion and as a result you increase retention and return business.

They are an excellent component to integrate into your social media efforts.

Survey’s are an excellent way to get people involved. They can also be tied to a promotion and integrated into your social media content calendar truly maximizing their impact.

When we put our consumer hat on and the surfboard maker we like reaches out to us, are roots dive deeper into the businesses soil. It’s like the survey wrapped around us like a hug and an expression of being embraced in their community.

Surveys are an amazing tool to really level your business up in a “Community Cultivating” way.

Give us a shout if you’d like to explore survey strategies further. We believe they are one of the most informative and valuable tools that can be used.