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Setting up your online store can sound much easier than it actual is.

With varying product types, availability, demand, profitability, conversion, etc. there are a ton of variables to consider when setting up a store optimized for maximum conversion and revenue.

Having thorough understanding of each of your products and where they fit into your grander offering will be critical to your online selling success.

If you think of screen space as real estate, the old real estate saying of “Location, location, location” certainly applies.

There are sections of websites that get more attention from visitors than others and placing the right products in high value areas and more supportive products in secondary areas will be a key ingredient to optimized conversion.

Allot of successful store setup happens behind the scenes. It applies to how products are tagged and organized. What different product types do you have and what products fall within each.

Is there an intelligence built in that notifies one of an abandoned cart so that customer can be retargeted to save the sale?

What notifications should happen and what triggers need to be met for them to go out? How are these tracked and who’s notified to ensure all efforts are made to maximize the likelihood of success?

Store setup can be done a gazillion different ways each falling on a different place on the spectrum of success.

If you have ideas or perhaps want to benefit from our experience when setting up your store, we’re all about it and welcome your contact.

There’s allot on the line. Proper store setup isn’t a cost, it’s an investment.

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