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One of the most important things to integrate into your website and web design is your social media accounts.

Social media accounts and social media account features can be integrated into your web design in a handful of ways.

Linking to your accounts is an obvious option but crazily enough is often overlooked. Making sure that people seeing your site can easily jump over to your social media accounts and see what you’re up to or validate your credibility is critical.


There’s also a massive opportunity in allowing social sharing super easy for your pages or posts. You can easily imbed “Share” links on things you believe are worth sharing and this allows people to take things from your website and simply share them on their social media pages. 

Many also include the stream to their social media profiles in their web design so in one place one can learn about the company and see what’s happening on their social media pages. 

There are numerous ways to integrate social media into your website and there’s certainly a balance you’ll want to reach. With that said, a professional designed website with thoughtful social media integration could be exactly what you need to gain the confidence of your visitors and convert them into customers. 

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