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In today’s world we have data for days (more like millennia or more) and that data can help us make some of the smartest decisions and launch more fruitful marketing campaigns than ever before.

When talking social media, most have an ad platform that you can run your ads through.

With social media sites knowing so much about it’s users, marketers can use that data to target people on a very sophisticated and complex level.

With the proper know-how one can scan all of their current social network followers and understand their demographical makeup.

Once you know who you customers are, we can go out and find more of the same, running ads to people with the highest likelihood of conversion.

As these people engage or don’t engage with our ads we can retarget them knowing what they’ve seen, when interest was lost and key data points we can use to tailor even more refined ads or marketing strategies.

There are tons of excellent resources on this topic and this was only to emphasize what is an incredible opportunity but the reality is being effective in this realm takes not only years of experience but a true passion for marketing.

If you’d like to dive in deeper to how social media can be utilized to create super sophisticated, well thought out and ultimately, incredibly effective marketing campaigns, drop us a line. We’d love to chat.

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