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Structuring your shipping partners and processes will be key to resistant free order processing.

In today’s world people expect to receive their order fast, inexpensively and without complication. And if it doesn’t happen you’re going to hear about it and it may be on a public platform that creates larger challenges.

With the many different shipping options available, this is certainly something you’ll want to think through because it affects user experience which will have a direct effect on customer satisfaction and probably cascade to impact many other aspects of your business.

Do you want to work with one shipper exclusively and perhaps get benefits of that exclusivity or do you want to work with multiple shippers?

If you go with multiple shippers, what determines who ships out each order?

There’s some interesting questions here and the solution you choose will be felt by your customers and shortly thereafter, you.

If you’d like to have a conversation about different ways of tackling this important topic, give us a shout.

With nearly 20 years of experience helping people navigate these waters we can help you find the solutions that fit best and will serve your customers the most.

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