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It’s so refreshing to see the days of corporate slave labor come to end. This ridiculous race that we all found ourselves in where all of a sudden it was uber cool to sacrifice everything we valued to fit within some bullshit corporate mold wrapped in superficial status so we could feel better than everyone.

Life is so short and at the end of the day that only thing that matters is our relationships. These can be with our spouses, our friends, our neighbors… doesn’t matter… but these relationships… these are the basis for our true wealth.

Words cannot describe how nice it is to see the focus of at least small businesses and I guess in many cases large businesses shift away from cracking the proverbial whip and onto loving their employees into creating a stronger business.

Human nature is so easy. None of us want to be hurt. We just want to be in a place where we’re valued and we’re part of something bigger… a common goal, a movement, a team. Getting the most from people is as easy and valuing them, showing them respect and being thankful for their contributions in spite of how silly at times they may seem… At least they tried right which is way more than we can say for many… And not to look down on those who don’t try either… poor people who’s spirits were broken by the ridicule of corporate America… Thank God we’re growing up and moving away from the immature high school culture where it’s somehow cool to overpower everything.

It sounds cliche, I get it but is that a coincidence we hear that taking care of people is the recipe for success or just common sense?

In any event, here, hopefully there… all over the globe, we look at our teams with a bit more compassionate a connection. We see through eyes of acceptance and appreciation that someone else is willing to join forces with us and contribute. We have patience and the love to develop one another and accomplish a common goal together.

If we can do that, I think we’ll find our team’s, our lives are way happier and in turn the interactions with customers, our work ethics and our annual reports will improve inline with morale.

Love each other damnit!

Much love everybody.