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So you’ve done the research, you understand your product, you know your audience, you’ve placed the right things in the right place, have the right order management, shipping partners and follow up methods and now need to get your store out in front of the people…

It’s time to PROMOTE!

How does one successfully promote the store? Well, there’s a handful of ways….

1.) It’s important your website at large has been optimized so it comes up organically when people are searching for your product and service

2.) It’s time to really get active on your social networks with smart content sharing strategies that capture and direct traffic.

3. Digital marketing like Adwords or Facebook Ads are also an excellent tool to utilize.

These are just a few of the more obvious and powerful ways to promote your store but there’s also smaller strategies that if implemented properly can also have a sizable impact.

With so much effort going into the design and setup of your store, a successful launch is a necessity.

If you’d like to learn more about various strategies that can help increase your shot at ecommerce success, give us a holler and we can explore further.

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