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Amazing images are one of the greatest way to attract and connect with people. It can truly set your web design apart from everyone else.

Pictures are of course of the most viewed content on the web and making sure the pictures found on your website are thought-out, high quality, on message and accurately reflecting the significance of your brand is paramount.

There are three major components we focus on when creating amazing photographic content.

  1. Having the right idea – Being intentional in your composition and staging things accordingly so you get the right picture is super important. So many people go out and shoot (which is great as a secondary strategy) and hope they get something they can work with. Knowing where the pic is going, how it needs to look and capturing and creating that image is the first focus of great photos.
  2. Having the right camera – Some amazing photos can be had even on cell phones but if those were sufficient they wouldn’t even sell the cameras who’s price tags venture high into the thousands of dollars. The sensors, processors, lenses and more of these more sophisticated cameras leave no question as to the impact of their presence creating photos in a league of their own. Having high quality camera gear and the correct gear for the specific photo(s) you’re looking to shoot will be essential to capturing the best possible photos.
  3. Utilizing the right editing software – Post production has become an invaluable tool in maximizing the impact of your photos. The ability to alter small details all the way up too large in a wide variety of ways can prove to be incredibly beneficial as the photos are prepared to be shared. The filters offered through various standard editors often give photos a generic feel and are proving to be not quite enough to create the best case scenario. Amazing photos require amazing software like what we use, Affinity Photo. Affinity Photo allows for nearly unlimited editing options giving the editor the freedom and flexibility to optimize photos giving you truly high quality, impressive and effective photos.

By keeping the above three things in mind, you will be able to produce high quality images that accomplish the goals you have for them.

Knowing the photo you need for your application and designing the scene so you get the right composition is critical. Shooting it on a high quality camera and then editing it in a professional software will have your customers raving about your presentation and likely have you hollering at the rooftops because high quality photos increase conversion and you’ll probably be seeing the impact and ROI in your bank account.

If you’d like to learn more about our photography services, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re happy to assist you.

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