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A “Persona” is at least a general outline of who your typical customer is.

What kind of and how many commonalities can we find that our customers share in common?

How does this help us? It helps us in nearly invaluable ways because understanding who are typical customer is allows us to target more people that meet those demographics.

If we learn that a specific group is particular stoked about our product, we can run ads or optimize parts of our website to target that exact group which has an increased likelihood of purchasing our product or supporting our cause.

You may find that different products or services have different customer “Personas”. By defining “Personas” unique to products and/or services you can ensure that marketing dollars aren’t wasted on unqualified people and your resources are only directed at people just like your current customers.

This process can be a bit of challenge if your customers are wide spread across many different demographics. In those situations you have to rely on other factors to narrow down and further qualify the pool you’re targeting.

If you’d like to talk further about running lean, effective and profitable marketing campaigns utilizing “Persona’s”, feel free to give our team a call and we jump in further.