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God things change fast!… You blink and it’s a different game. How many of us spend nearly all of our time inside of the internet? I know I do! 2am and I’m hittin another cup of coffee.  Our efforts are directed into this machine and down into this virtual world where we create this separate existence where we can build a reflection pond where ever we want. Nobody but our creativity can tell us different.

That very freedom ushered in a level of transparency that I think we’re all still reeling from on some level. With every company, their mother and their third cousin tracking everything we do, it’s a far different world than even a few short years ago. The concept of privacy is out the window and to be honest, maybe it’s for the better. I think I’m over and past the fear of putting my life out there. Between our social lives, our professional, where to find the best Poke bowl, etc… the internet is the spine of our lives. It is a component in nearly everything we do and through it’s transparency it is forcing all of us to be more honest while enjoying a higher quality of life.

Whether it’s the companies we once thought were perfect, the religions we believed to be infallible or our “just” governments, etc… we now have way more information and not information they’ve volunteered mind you but the info that allows us to have a better view on what is really going on and make decisions accordingly.

The less I fear my search history or internet habits getting out there, the better I feel as a human and the more I appreciate google’s suggestions on where to grab drinks tonight. Who really gives a shit anyway right? Let’s do what we do and live a better life knowing the future is one of even greater connection and transparency.

Instead of fearing the it, I say we embrace it. Maybe our insecurities should prompt deeper reflection and perhaps a more significant level of growth as a result.

Who want’s Mexican? Facebook just suggested what appears to be dope spot!

Go higher!