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In the world of today with social networks, video sites, directory listings, websites, etc… Before you even really begin to market you have to understand which of these and more you’ll integrate into your strategies so you don’t launch from the wrong foot.

People go down their checklist setting up accounts everywhere they can but beyond that leave everything largely neglected or mismanaged which is a huge setback when the real magic is how all of these things work together.

Each platform is exposing your message to different demographics and allowing that message to be delivered in a whole multitude of different ways. The fact you have an account setup really does do anything if you don’t understand how that particular platform works and how you need to interact with it to get the biggest impact from your setup account.

The best thing to do is map everything out beforehand. Know exactly where you’re going to be, what each of those platforms mean to you, how you’ll interact with them and then formulate your master marketing strategy which will utilize all in harmony together

Doing something without intention and/or a definitive purpose can lead to costly setbacks. The improper setup or structure of these platforms that often times is irreversible can be the difference between success and failure.

Do your homework. Understand each platform and how they work. Formulate how they’ll fit in the grander scheme and when you have the master plan clearly understood and begin to take action, you’ll be thankful you took the time to design everything properly as your starting point.

Happy fishing!