LinkedIn was founded in 2002 and initially went live in May of 2003.

The platform was designed to attract and serve the professional community giving users and supporters the ability to find employment and/or employees.

As the service has grown it has become the premier social network for professionals and a heavy weight for marketers.

With over 310 million monthly users and some of the most respected companies and business influencers using the platform as their primary network of choice, it offers potential exposure that shouldn’t be taken lightly.

LinkedIn is unquestionably the premier vehicle to share information for B2B professionals at 94%.

6 out of 10 people utilize LinkedIn for insights on their industry.

80% of B2B leads generated from social networking come from LinkedIn.

Microsoft purchased LinkedIn for a handsome tender of 26.2 billion in 2016.

41% of millionaires use LinkedIn.

There are currently 30 million companies on LinkedIn.

With such a high volume of clearly defined demographics, LinkedIn is obviously an opportunity marketers will want to be familiar with and integrate into their marketing strategies.

Whether establishing confidence in your employees and customers or even for effectively recruiting new supports, LinkedIn will likely be a piece of a successful marketing strategy.

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