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Chat boxes are an excellent tool and feature to integrate into your web design.

They allow a user to quickly connect with you for questions or comments.

This rapid form of communication gives you the opportunity to actually interact with a website visitor and in turn quickly convert them into a customer or supporter.

Chat boxes also say something about the credibility of a business. To make your business available to your customers shows a level of commitment that garners confidence.

Chat boxes can be setup to function around the clock or only be visible and available in your web design during certain hours.

Many of the chat box options we integrate into web designs allow for various team members to be notified via SMS if someone has engaged your chat box. They can then correspond with the prospect directly from their cell phone.

Chat boxes are an excellent website feature and one depending on your business we may strongly recommend.

If you have any questions about which chat box to use, how to properly integrate it into your website and how to configure it so the right people are in the loop and the customer is getting the attention you expect, give us a shout!