Selling online has never been easier or more competitive. Successfully doing it requires smart tools setup intentionally giving the store owner the highest likelihood of success.

WooCommerce is rapidly growing E-Commerce platform that allows a store owner to easily create their store and make it available to potential buyers online.

Although successfully selling online has certainly grown to be increasingly more difficult as time has gone on and competition gone up, WooCommerce has created a platform that allows owners to quickly adapt keeping their stores relevant in their respective spaces.

When it comes to selling online there are a handful of things one must consider before deciding on a store platform…

  1. Store and Site Design – Which of these platforms offer me the flexibility to create the site I envision and the site my potential customers expect to see?
  2. How easily will it integrate into my current site? – Many people add stores to pre-existing sites. This requires certain compatibilities that if absent will create hassles adversely impacting the entire campaign up to entirely inhibiting the stores ability to produce.
  3. Do I have the admin access to optimize the store, products and more allowing my products to be viable options when users are searching for my products? – Being able to classify, describe and organize things in a way search engines know what’s happening will be essential to online success.
  4. Does the platform integrate with my payment processing platforms? – Understanding who will process your payments and confirming it’s compatible will be research you’re thankful you did preventing headaches down the road.
  5. Does it have the shipping and handling features my store will need? Similarly to payment processing, you’ll want to know how you will approach this topic and confirm store platform of choice will seamlessly integrate.

WooCommerce has become our go to store of choice because if it doesn’t solve the above right out of the box, simply modification will usual solve the problem.

It has the widest flexibility when it comes to integrations ensuring your shipping, billing and site compatibility requires very little attention when launching your store and it gives the admin the access needed to properly optimize the store so you can gain organic traffic and begin selling your products.

Having a successful E-Commerce site requires thorough preparation and strategy before even thinking of site construction. Understanding your goals and reverse engineering a plan for the purpose of creating a synergistic combination of technologies and services that are highly optimized is imperative for success.

If you have questions about E-Commerce and the services we offer that can take out the guess work and ensure all the above bases are properly covered, never hesitate to reach out to our team who is happy to assist.