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Once you’ve successfully launched your store, hopefully orders are flowing in and things are happening.

One of the challenges we’re commonly enlisted to assist with is order management. Order management is the process of accepting an order and successfully moving it through your system to completion.

Different store platforms are geared for specific store types. Understanding your business and products is going to be essential to selecting the proper platform to sell through so orders can easily be processed minimizing headaches and maximizing efficiancy.

How will taxes be computed? Are there any other handling fees that need to be accounted for? How about inventory? Promo codes? Who will be shipping the product or how will it be delivered? What are the dimensions of the product and how does that effect the cost of shipping?

There are many variables that need to be considered when setting up a successful online store. Managing the orders coming is as important as any. If this step is messed up, customers will be frustrated, the likelihood of a return sale diminished and theres a chance for further negative impacts due to the customer possibly sharing that experience or leaving a bad review.

Before you even consider launching a store, you need to become very familiar with not only your business and the above factors but many of the available order management solutions so you mesh the most appropriate one with your product line and business model.

This is an area where consulting a professional may prove to be wise. Enlisting someone on the front lines of e-commerce with years of experience with different platforms in different situations, can be a decision you’re super thankful you made.

There’s areas where more risk can be taken but when you think about the potential time that could be lost and costs associated with it long term, this is certainly a topic that warrants careful consideration.

If you’d like to rap with us more about order management systems and which are options worth considering given your business, call us anytime.

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