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This is a common and certainly important question to ask and understand when considering building a website.

Websites and web development are not a one size fits all kind of deal. Contingent or your needs and goals, what your project entails may be all it’s own and very different from average web design project.

How many pages will you have? What will be featured on those pages? Is there functionality that needs to be built into the site? Will the site connect to other platforms and share information? A website can be so many different things and understanding what yours needs to be, will be essential to getting accurate quotes on what it will cost to create.

We recommend completing a simple exercise which allows developers to better understand your vision which would be creating essentially a website schematic. This illustration would basically show all the pages you hope to have on the site and all of the features and purposes of each page clearly defined.

With this schematic and the objectives of each pages drawn out, your developer can do their due diligence, determining the feasible, compatibility, timing and costs to develop your vision.

The cost of web development can vary greatly from one developer to the next. That developers work load, experience, capabilities, etc. all play a role in the costs a developer is exposed to when creating a website.

The quote process although requiring some effort on your behalf, certainly doesn’t have to be painful. Finding a developer you vibe with and have good chemistry with will make the process much more palatable. Not only will this release a bit of the pressure in the process but you’ll likely learn a bunch along the way and a good developer will prepare with everything you need to know to make educated decisions along the way and ultimately build the best outcome as your sites materializes.

Werkaholix specializes in this process and has developed a very user friendly system that allows one to understand the scope of their project as well as the investment they’ll be exposed to, to bring their vision to fruition.

If you have a project that you’d like to understand the costs and logistics to develop, we welcome your contact and would love to share what we can do to help you make your idea real.


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