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Graphic Design is one of the most powerful aspects to your web design and marketing presentation whether leading to success or demise.

Often times it is these graphics, themes and the feelings they evoke that create or detract confidence from your viewers and set the ceiling for your level of success.

Good Graphic Design is imperative to optimized success in all forms of marketing. Accurately conveying your message and creating the right connection with your community is essential to effective and memorable branding.

Where do we see Graphic Design?

Good graphic design starts with a companies logo. It flows into your website, social media, business cards, apparel, flyers, banners, car wraps, billboards, videos and way more. Moving in the direction of intentionally approaching each of these opportunities to ensure the continuity of your brand and the most effective presentation given the application will most certainly be time well spent that yields a tangible result.

How do we make the most of Graphic Design?

Like mentioned above, you can leverage the impact of your Graphic Design by spreading it over all of your marketing efforts. Making sure everywhere you appear has the same theme, feel and messaging will create familiarity, a feeling of consistency and in turn a level of confidence that will benefit your brand.

Where can you find credible Graphic Designers?

If you know the answer to this, please email us because this is a CHALLENGE! 🙂 Good graphic designers are built over years and years of trial, error and experience. Because graphic design is an easy trade to get started in, there appear to be plenty of “options” but the ugly truth is, fluent graphic designers are far and few between. The difference between “okay” graphic design and “exceptional” graphic design can often be small subtle differences than only years of experience can teach yet can be worth millions of dollars in their impact. We recommend making the investment in this area. Find a company like Werkaholix or other that has years of experience with credible graphic designers so one of the most important aspects of your business (your branding) is in the greatest position of strength.

What does Werkaholix use for Graphic Design?

Although familiar with the Adobe Suite including Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut and more we choose to use Affinity Designer.

Affinity Designer is a more specialized solution offering graphic designers all the tools they need in one common location with additional features that better connect the customer with the graphic designer during the development process.

Through the use of art boards, we can mock your logo and graphics up on any product or place you can imagine and as we modify logo features the changes will be reflected on all. This global control can be invaluable as your ideas begin to take shape and your designs become polished.

Affinity Designer not only offers all of the features necessary to create the graphics and branding you envision and the ability to simply participate in the process during development but it allows for robust exporting options giving you quick access to many file types suiting the needs of any printer, web developer or more.

In conclusion, Graphic Design is one of the most important parts of your branding strategies. The effort that goes into your presentation tells viewers how committed to your brand you are and in turn the level of commitment you’re capable of. This has an impact on confidence which of course greatly effects your conversion turning viewers into customers.

If you’re interested in learning more about our graphic design options, please never hesitate to reach out as we are glad to assist.

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