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Google Ads is an advertising platform that gives a website owner the ability to market their cause or service to very specific demographics and in very specific instances.

This platform coupled with various other integrations gives us access to nearly invaluable data that can be used to design very sophisticated and hopefully incredibly successful online marketing campaigns.

Once your website design is complete and begins to “season” online, Google Ads is typically a marketers go-to to begin building exposure, brand awareness and momentum.

Let’s say you sell running shoes in your E-commerce store and want to show people searching “Running Shoes” your product… What Google Ads allows you to do is create various campaigns that will put your ad in front of those people when searching that or related terms.

You may notice in your Google Ads and Adwords dashboards that there are many related terms such as “Athletic Footwear” or “Running Shoes for New Runners” that are similar and also represent opportunity. Each of these terms has different “Impressions” and CPC (Cost Per Click) so as time goes on you can further polish your campaign reducing the cost of each ad while maximizing conversion.

Google Ads can be an excellent slice to your grander marketing strategies. It offers you as a store or website the ability to very accurately target consumers while giving you the data to always improve and squeeze more and more from your Google Ad efforts.

With the ever changing world that is Google Adwords as well as the equally often changing dynamics in SEO and Website Analytics, it is recommended you either become a student of these topics or enlist the services of someone who is.

Our professional and experienced team of web developers, web designers and digital marketers are standing by glad to assist you in understanding and taking advantage of this incredible resource so your website makes the biggest impact possible.

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