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Social media analytics are some of the most valuable you’ll have.

Through them we can understand the demographics of our followers and target more of them as a result.

We can see things like net worth, political views, interests, geographical area and so, so much more.

By running your current audience through the machine and understanding who they are, we can create “look a like” audiences that meet the same or very close to the same demographics.

Because they share the same characteristics we can safely assume there is a higher likelihood they’ll be receptive to our messaging than an un-targeted populous.

We can now launch tailored marketing campaigns to specific interest groups and then monitor those results for continued refinement.

We can see who’s seen our ad and how they interacted with it. Based on when they deserted the add and the content discussed at that point, we can refine our ads as well as create new campaigns retargeting those very same people to reel them back in.

Social media analytics when understood are some of the most valuable there are. It will help you in basically every marketing effort you put forth.

If you have questions about social media analytics or how we might be able to help you process this data to enhance your results, give us a shout today.

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