Twitter is one of the most recognizable names in social networks.

Dating back to 2006 when the simple messaging platform was created by Jack Dorsey, Noah Glass, Biz Stone and Evan Williams, Twitter catered to quick and simple messaging capabilities which couldn’t have been better received by the internet and social networking community.

Twitter quickly grew into one of the most respected social media sites and is truly an giant with over 330 million active monthly users, serving up over a half a billion tweets a day.

Twitter has unique demographics when compared with the alternatives.

The network is comprised primarily of males who account for 66% of it’s user base.

Nearly 80% of twitter users are considered “Affluent Millennials”.

93% of all Twitter users are “Open to brands getting involved” if done properly which companies have flocked to and is evidenced with Twitters annual revenue exceeding 1 billion dollars. Over 85% of U.S. Businesses use the platform to connect with their communities.

As the platform has refined the services it offers to marketers ad engagement has jumped over 25% definitely making it an option to consider when formulating your marketing strategies.

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