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Running a business and/or building a website can require some serious mental bandwidth.

Finding ways to add clarity, structure and eliminate question can help you not only run a way more successful business but prevent you from pulling out all of your hair.

One of the most significant ways we can help people not only live a life of less stress but have substantially increased confidence in their online efforts is through the development of content calendars.

What is a content calendar?

A content calendar is a predefined roadmap of the things you’ll wand to share with your community, when you’ll want to share them and on what platform that data will be shared.

Knowing this in advance allows you to gather info and prepare your month of social media management. Having a content calendar doesn’t mean you can veer away from it if there’s breaking news. Of course… If something better comes up that day, swap out the prescheduled with the breaking news but it gives you a massive foundation and fallback to benefit from so you can focus energy on other tasks.

We encourage people to chart each social network they’re active on. Determine which demographics they serve on each than tailor a calendar to each platforms audience.

Maybe Mondays you will utilize to post something motivational, maybe Tuesday is “Testimonial Tuesday”, Maybe Wednesday is to promote products and services, perhaps Friday is reserved for funny memes.

Creating this system will give you peace of mind of knowing in advance how a huge part of your online efforts (Social Media Management) will be dealt with.

Once you’ve drawn out the calendar for each platform you can begin to collect your foundational content. Create Google Calendars for each platform, list what type of content should be posted on that day and begin to gather and list the data where it’s suppose to be for simple posting day of.

Additionally, a system like HootSuite could be used to schedule long in advance each post for exactly when you want it released.

Content calendars can be an incredibly valuable part of any digital marketing campaign. They allow you to have clarity and be prepared. They put you in a rhythm with variables you can consistently get familiar with and continuously refine for improved results.

If you’d like to learn more about this incredibly valuable tool and how it can help to optimize your online marketing efforts, shoot us a note and we’ll look forward to chatting more.