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The stats of Facebook will leave even the most experienced of marketers with a blown mind.

Facebook is unquestionably the KING of social networks and a force in business unlike any other.

As many know Facebook was founded by Mr. Mark Zuckerberg and a handful of fellow students at Harvard in early 2004.

The platform was initially limited to students of Harvard but then quickly expanded out getting to the point where in 2006 and depending on certain local laws, the only criteria necessary for an account was being older than 13 years old.

Facebook is the third most visited website on the internet with 1.59 billion users active every single day.

Nearly 70% of the adults in the United States actively use Facebook.

82% of college graduates are on the platform.

Over 75% of Facebooks users have annual incomes exceeding 75k.

There are over 7 million marketers utilizing Facebook in their marketing campaigns with 93% of those using the platform “Regularly”.

Facebook revenue for 2019 exceeded 70 Billion dollars with 20% of their revenue being the attributed to it’s sister site (owned by Facebook), Instagram.

As a platform Facebook is absolute must for anyone looking to grow a community or brand online. The platform is frequently referenced to validate the credibility of companies, brands, individuals and other and is an essentail integration for your website design.

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