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Facebooks Ads is currently the 2nd largest digital ad platform on the web just behind Google Ads.

With nearly 2.5 billion monthly users, integrating Facebook into your marketing strategies and web design can certainly prove to be wise and profitable.

Facebook as a community has some staggering numbers to boast as the third most visited website on the internet.

Over 71% of adults in the United States use Facebook with over 50% of teens which is a rapidly growing demographic. The fastest growing demographic on Facebook is seniors with double digit increases year over year.

Facebook is particular unique as it has garnered the support of high income earners with nearly 75% of them using Facebook regularly.

Some of the more intriguing statistics are related to how we use Facebook with the average time spent daily at around 38 minutes with almost three quarters of it’s users logging in daily.

Considering the above, it becomes very clear how important integrating a Facebook Ad strategy into your larger marketing efforts is.

Okay, so I could literally have hours of video and pages dedicated to teaching, understanding and using Facebook Ads to generate interest but here we will focus on three basic focal points that are commonly overlooked and by covering these bases you will be in a far greater position of strength than those that don’t.

  1. Are you Targeting the right people? Facebook Ads gives you access to droves of valuable data that will allow you to very specifically target who will see your add. This is one of those topics that could be covered for hours but make sure you at least have a “persona” defined for your ideal customer. This would basically be the demographics and characteristics they possess. Once this is understand you can target more of those people perhaps increasing your likelihood of success and maximizing ROI.
  2. Are your images properly formatted for the various Ad types? When running ads on Facebook you must consider there are multiple ad formats optimized to various devices. Each format requires different media dimensions that you’ll want to tailor so they’ll properly display to users. By far the most seen and engaged ads are Mobile but you also have various other device types as well as display types (where the ad will be displayed on Facebook) that you’ll want to design for.
  3. Are you running the correct Ad type? Facebook Ads has 10 different “Objectives” and creates specific Ad formats to best address them. These “Objectives” are:
  • Send People to Your Website
  • Increase Conversions to Your Website
  • Boost Your Posts
  • Promote Your Page
  • Get Installs For Your App
  • Increase Engagement in Your App
  • Reach People Near Your Business
  • Raise Attendance at Your Event
  • Get People to Claim Your Offer
  • Get Video Views

Selecting the proper “Objective” will save you tons of time as Facebook has already done the research on what will give you the highest likelihood of conversion.

The above three things… properly targeting who will see the add, properly formatting your images and pushing your ad through the appropriate “Objective” will give you a massive leg up on the competition.

We recommend running small “Test Runs” to gather data that could be invaluable for future campaign refinement. Commit to $20 and analyze the data generated. You’ll begin to see trends and better understand who your ideal customer is and how to more effectively utilize your ad budget to yield increasingly improved results.

As the picture becomes clearer you can level up to more advanced techniques creating look-a-like audiences and more further amplifying your efforts, results and hopefully revenues.

If you have questions about Facebook Ads or how we can help you reach your goals through them, please never hesitate to reach out as we’re happy to assist.

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