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Email marketing can be one of the most effective forms of marketing one could employ.

It often is marketing blessed by the recipient as they’ve had to opt in or became part of the list because they’re an actual customer.

This allows us to channel our marketing efforts through a channel with a bit stronger connection with the person receiving our marketing efforts.

Some of the more basic but certainly invaluable data points to monitor with regard to email marketing are open rates. The open rate is essential the percentage of your email list that is opening your emails. From there we can dive deeper into the “Openers” and see who they are.

We can see how many times they’ve opened it. We can see if they’ve clicked any links.

This gives us data that allows us to group and tag interest groups. If an individual clicked the link “New Hippy Hoodies for Ladies”, we can now target them with tailored pieces featuring products inline with that interest giving us a higher likelihood of converting than just sending them the standard piece.

Email marketing success is the result of creating great marketing pieces and understanding the analytics so your efforts constantly improve and as an effect increase your conversion.

If you have questions about this most useful tool or would like to learn how we can help you create a thriving email marketing arm for your business, call us anytime.

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