We have found tremendous value before launching any sort of marketing campaign to understand what metrics will be measured revealing the success or lack-thereof of said campaign.

Understanding the specific goals of each campaign shine light on what we may want to measure.

Maybe we do an email blast sharing 3 new product releases… It’s important we’re monitoring which products get the most clicks and of course the most sales. We can track how many people creating a shopping cart and how many people abandoned it.

That data is invaluable because we can take much closer looks at the experience in those moments carts were abandoned and see if adjustments can be made which will minimize that outcome and create more sales.

Knowing the goals of your campaign, what to measure and how to use that data to maximize your efforts is essential to online marketing success.

If you’d like to talk more about strengthening your marketing campaign analytics or are interested in our services to help you achieve higher levels of productivity, drop us a line and we’ll go from there.

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