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In today’s day and age we have more data available to us than ever before.

This data includes demographics, user behavior, competitor analytics and much, much more.

How this data is used or not used often determines the height of your organization ceiling.

Our typical customer/partner has at least one website tied to a multitude of other profiles including social networks, directory listings and more. As many of these places we can add tracking our extract data from the better as we use this data as the foundation for nearly all of strategies helping to build user engagement and community support.

Analyzing not only the data of each destination (ie. website, facebook, etc.) but how the data of each relates to the next is an art you’ll want to become familiar with.

By understanding data, we can define who are customer is. Once we know who our customer is we can target those demographics who have a higher likelihood of being receptive to our messaging.

If we see a certain link in an email is getting a high rate of click throughs, we can begin to focus more effort on generating “like” content.

Integrating tools that yield data is absolutely essential. Understanding how the data on one platform may correlate to another is equally valuable. Utilizing that data as the foundation of your marketing and content strategies is absolutely essential.

If you’d like to learn more about data analytics and strategy, reach out to our experts today who are happy to have that conversation.

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