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Often times we get so caught up in creating, collecting and posting content that we forget about other ways we can interact with our communities that potentially could create even greater engagement with your audience.

Finding ways to get your community excited is a massive opportunity that should be given careful thought.

I like to look at each service and/or product and figure out how I can tie them into my content calendar doing so through a promotion.

What is cool and unique about this product and what type of promotion or activity could I promote that will engage users in a fun, non-intrusive way, while leading up to something truly valuable to my audience (a give away of sorts).

If you’re in the weight loss field and just released a new fat burning supplement, maybe we do a competition where people who have purchased the product can participate in weekly weigh-ins with the winners getting a $250 supplement package. It promotes your product, it engages your customers and it creates a buzz people will want to return to.

Looking at each things you’re trying to promote and figuring out exciting ways to engage your followers will not only be amazing for your bottom line but it will draw your audience much closer in.

When your audience is closer to you, you have the ability to better understand their needs and wants. The closer you can work with your customer base the better you can serve them which is a massive advantage.

Not only does it set you up for greater success with new prospects but by showing your customers you’re paying attention to them and adapting in consideration of their feedback will create much higher levels of retention and return business.

Couple that with some creative promotions that give back to said community will make a splash with a wave you’re stoked to ride!

If you’d like to talk about your offerings and how we can generate the most interest in them, feel free to give us a shout.

We believe the better you serve and connect with your customers the more successful you’ll be.