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One of the most important aspects to gaining traction online is creating amazing content and sharing it in effective ways so your message catches on and you grow your audience.

The first step of course is creating great content. What is great content?

Great content is content tailored to serve the interest of your audience. It is relevant, it is “now” and it is valuable.

Knowing who your audience is is invaluable as you create content. Being an expert on your niche and fully aware of the influences within it and what they’re doing is also imperative. By closely following other influences, you will know the topics most important at any given time.

It’s also super important to become an expert on different variables that affect the niche and in doing so you can anticipate trends and perhaps be the one to break the news with important changes.

Once you understand the industry, the variables that effect it, the influences within it, the topics they’re sharing, the audience paying attention and you’ve creating ground breaking content, now you have to share it.

Sharing is an art in itself. Depending on the specific piece of content, one social media site may be a better place to share it than others. The time of the day, you share also has an impact on the posts exposure.

Getting familiar with these unique nuances is an incredibly valuable skill.

Once you’ve become comfortable with the above, we then encourage you to create a calendar for your sharing. Creating a general guideline that will give you some structure to work within. This will not only save you tremendous headache but give you some clarity on things you’ll want to create or gather to properly nurture your community with quality content.

Some days you may want a quote, maybe on Friday you post a joke… Having your own algorithm of sorts will give you a good baseline to operate from and data you can use moving forward to further polish and enhance your online efforts.

Content creation and sharing is one of our forte’s. If you’d like to learn more about our services and/or have questions, never hesitate to give us a jingle… We’re available and glad to help.

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