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The speed of business these days requires most to be super efficient to compete.

One of the best ways you can move in that direction is making sure as many of your technologies as make sense are integrated into your web design as possible so you’re not doing double duty.

So the goal is customers, right? They’ll be managed and their orders likely processed in some form of a CRM (aka Customer Relationship Management) system. A CRM is valuable because it is where all data relating to a specific customer should aggregate and be available in one simple place to review so trends and opportunities can be established.

If the goal is conversation with our website than it will likely be wise to get them into this data processing machine (CRM) as soon as possible.

We encourage people to connect their CRM to their website through smart features integrated into the web design.

If someone places an order this should most certainly create a communication where the customer is immediately added to the CRM and the process of fulfilling that order is initiated without any middle man needing to carry the order from the website to the processing system.

There are other instances where it makes sense to add a person… if they’ve put together an order and done everything short of “Pay and Complete”… that’s a lead. I want them in the CRM for future follow up and hopefully a sale.

The above sounds obvious and is but is rarely done effectively because of spotty API’s and other language barriers that can create major headaches for someone who can understand the translation.

If you’re interested in saving time by integrating a connection between your CRM and website, never hesitate to give us a call.

We specialize in web design that adds efficiency, frees up your time and opens the door for you to expand your business.

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