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Bing Ads is service offered by Microsoft and it’s partners for individuals, companies or others to target and market to specific searchers and searches.

It is a much smaller network than it’s most notable competitor Google Adwords but that doesn’t mean it’s potential should be discounted. For someone serious about their web design and marketing strategies, Bing warrants consideration.

Both networks serve tremendous volume and Bing Ads serves some very unique demographics that are certainly worth your attention.

Like AdWords, Bing Ads gives you access to massive collections of data that you can use to target and methodically design marketing campaigns. You can get incredibly granular with your targeting and create ads for people of specific incomes, geography, interests and more. You can define who your current customers are and then target others that share those commonalities giving your marketing campaigns tremendous strength.

Bing Ads is a unique as it focuses it’s ads on basically 5 objectives;

  • Increase Ad Engagement
  • More Phone Calls
  • Drive Foot Traffic
  • Sell Products Online
  • Increase Online Conversions

Once you’ve decided on your objective and defined who will most likely be receptive to your message, now we need to properly format our ads.

Like most marketing platforms, you’re ad will be displayed in various ways and configurations given the device type as well as ad type.

It is critical you not only understand these variables but tailor your ads in consideration of them.

Bing Ads although seeing much less search traffic that Google, it does display your ads across Yahoo and AOL as well which combined with Bing serve unique demographics when compared to Google. This Microsoft Network skews more toward older, married and high net worth individuals which is certainly a demographic many would want to target.

Through our research Bing Ads can be an excellent option for many contingent on their product and/or message.

We recommend understanding your target audience first before venturing down the Bing Ads path. By understanding your current customer base, their demographics, buying patterns, interests, etc. we can now explore the marketing options appropriate to those characteristics which could certainly include Bing Ads.

As time has gone on and we’ve grown more comfortable with the platform with it now being a piece of nearly all of our marketing campaigns.

Although the search traffic is less, in certain scenarios it is more targeted giving us the ability to increase our conversion, maximizing ROI in a variety of ways.

If you have questions about Bing Ads or would like to learn more about our marketing services, please don’t hesitate to reach out as we’re standing by, happy to assist.

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