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In the world of today whether or not you personally are, the rest of the universe is on the internet nearly all of the time. Mobile searches are through the roof and web traffic increases everyday. With music platforms, video services and social media communities, we just cant seem and maybe don’t want… to get away from the constant connection.

Of course an experienced marketer already knows the life changing impact of a solid web presence but we’re entering a period of time now, where if you don’t have one, the absence of it will likely lead to your demise. There could be 15 year old kids with an understanding of the internet that are now intercepting calls that would have gone to you had they not outranked you on google. With search traffic at the levels it is and increasing every moment your website is perhaps the most valuable part of your business. It is the lid of your potential in the modern era.

Why would I walk into a place all willy nilly when I could learn everything I need to know in a few clicks, from the comfort of a picnic table on my phone? I wouldn’t nor would most. I’m not walking into a place until they’ve earned my visit and a shot to earn my business. When we visit a lackluster website, most visitors interpret that as that business not caring about what they do and don’t give me the “We’re too busy doing our job to worry about it” line because people who are passionate about their craft protect it and if you don’t have a website you’re just being reckless. How could I possibly trust you to provide me with any value?

Your website is your first impression. It is your showroom and the statement of who you are, what you’re about and why people should pay attention to you. For advantage to be taken of that, your presentation has to be engineered from the ground up and constructed in consideration of all business objectives. Everything you’re trying to do within your business could be heavily effected by activity and functionality on your website.

People will inevitably find you in directories, social networks and various online listings but they should always be brought back to a professional website where their decision to support you will be made. Not only that but with the technology of today that website could manage much of the work you used to do late at night after a long day taking away from your personal life. Not only can we generate more business but we can manage it with a higher level of freedom so we can focus on giving our customers the best possible experience while living a better life.

Marketing is an art form and a target that is in continuous motion. Either develop the awareness of it yourself or hire someone to so your business or organization has the guidance necessary to grow into what you want it to be.

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