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Don't leave your success to question. Know the facts.

We will educate you on the value of analytics and show you how this invaluable data can take your online efforts to an entirely new level.


Knowledge is power right? Understanding where to get and how to use data is about as valuable a skill as there is.

We’ll help you understand the important data in all aspects of your online endeavors whether website, social media, marketing or other so you get the most from your efforts.


Website analytics can get quite granular. We can learn who’s coming from where and why. How long they’re hanging at pages and at what point they left. We can use this data to improve customer experience, bounce rate and sales to name a few.

Social Media

There’s two sides to the data available at social networks. We have data related to how our activities are recieved as well as virtually unlimited data that can be used in marketing efforts targeting very specific demographics.


Knowing who’s opening and reading your emails is valuable knowledge. Going a step further by monitoring links they’re clicking and more can shine insights into their motives and give us valuable data to target them with tailored strategies.

Search Engines

In addition to social media sites, search engines are the mother of data. They have a level of data available to them and in turn to us as marketers that is nearly difficult to fathom. We will get you setup in a such a way you can understand and process this data that contiously improves your online efforts.


If you’re organizing your leads into various interest types, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to target them through multi-step marketing campaigns. Understanding at which step people buy or optout is super valuable info you can use to adjust and improve the results your online campaigns yield.


Understanding who your customer base is, their interests, economic status and more can greatly assist you in finding and targeting qualified buyers. We will help you understand this data and use it to your advantage.


Having clarity into your sales process, how many people make it from one stage to the next and ultimately what leads to a purchase is marketing gold. We will help you gather and process this data maximizing conversion.


By analyzing different engagement groups we can establish “personas” which are traits that certain groups posess. In knowing this we can create “look-a-like” audiences and target more of the same.

Our mission...

We aim to partner with companies and individuals who truly look to provide value to their community and grow awesome businesses through serving their customers, employees and the greater good.

We will work diligently to optimize their online presence so their mission serves the most people possible.

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