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In basically all forms of marketing you run the chance of hitting a home run or entirely striking out.

What typically decides success is the research and strategies underlying the campaign.

One of the primary considerations we ask people to be aware of is the different destinations affecting their branding.

It is imperative the below 5 factors are dialed in for long term online success:

  • Website Design / User Experience
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Networking Design and Strategy
  • Content Generation including Video & Blog
  • Solid Email List and Email List Management

When launching a new marketing campaign for your new product or service you want to understand these different destinations and how they can be tied together to give your new brand or product launch the biggest impact.

If ordering takes place on your website, how do we utilize all of the above to capture interest and tie it back to where that interest can be converted into orders?

On the video sites, we need promo videos with calls-to-action that bring them closer to the ability to purchase. On our social networks, maybe we’re posting testimonials or links to the above videos… again, with tie backs, giving them access to buy. Creating blog posts and distributing with the same concepts, etc. are all effective strategies in sharing value and then efficiently directing the interest it generates to destinations where it can be converted.

We want to essentially tailor content for each of the above destinations, all sharing the same theme and designed for the same objective… directing traffic back to where your service or product can ultimately be purchased.

Let’s start with your foundation, your Website;

Your website is essentially your online HQ. In most cases it is close to the first exposure people have to your brand and the impression you leave kind of sets the stage for their confidence in your brand.

When designing an effective website many things need to be taken into consideration.

  1. Your market – Who are you targeting? Who is currently doing this successfully and how?
  2. Thorough keyword analysis – What search terms are driving traffic?
  3. What problem can we solve in our presence that is currently unaddressed?
  4. Designing an amazing website founded on the above.
  5. And done so in a way that reflects your theme and provide the user an excellent experience.

Web design is done poorly so often, we encourage you to where your “buyer” hat and conceptualize what would impress you to the point of a purchase and we’ll keep that in mind as we create your presentation.

Once our website is dialed in we’ll want to make sure our information is available and accurate at the many directories it will appear.

There’s a thing called “N.A.P.”…. it stands for Name, Address and Phone number and for you to achieve the highest level of credibility with search engines, it’s imperative these directories listing are identical down to the character. This consistency eliminates the concern for duplicates and as a result will lead to much higher search engine rankings.

Understanding this directory landscape will also be particularly valuable as you optimize your presence moving forward as it gives you places to continually add content that links back to your site and will increase your overall online footprint as a result. Each directory listing is a community in itself. These are excellent platforms to share blog posts, promotions and more.

Blogging and content creation.

So our website is dialed in as is our presence on all of the online directories we’ll appear… Now we need to generate original and robust content.

One of the best places to start is with your blog. After you’ve accomplished the above, you should have an excellent idea of what types of articles to create.

You can get guest contributors, you can write products reviews, you can update people on upcoming events that your followers will want to be aware of and much, much more.

Make your content extensive. Give your visitors the info to understand with clarity the point you’re trying to make and as a result the search engines will give the article credibility and your site authority for being the location of it.

This content then will carry us into the 4th key you’ll want to focus on: Social Media.

The first things you’ll want to do is understand your social media options. Who are my followers, what are their demographics and where do they congregate? Are there places where they currently aren’t but a community could potentially be grown?

Once we know the network of sites we’ll want profiles, we’ll want to understand the customization options and tailor them to our theme so we have consistency across the web.

Now that our social media is looking right, it’s time to create a content calendar and through a calculated strategy begin sharing our content and building our following.

Building a social networking following requires some thought, creativity and constant action. It’s important you’re providing your community with a diverse group of information so things are always fresh and not too “buy my product!”

Some day’s you’ll want something funny, maybe the next is a case study, on the third day it’s a testimonial, the 4th day maybe the post is highlighting someone on the team that’s doing a particularly great job, the 5th is an upcoming event you’ll be participating in, the 6th is a poll asking for feedback on some new label concepts and now maybe the 7th is an awesome sale you have coming up where some of the proceeds will be going to an amazing cause you’re community supports.

Sure, you sell products but when it comes to social networking you’re an ambassador for the community and need to constantly be sharing basically anything relevant that will keep your visitors tuned in and further anchoring in their spot as a member of your community.

Social networking is about expressing your character and spirit and through that coupled with your awesome website and other online profiles will give people that warm and fuzzy which leads to orders.

One of the most powerful things your social networking strategy can include is video. Video can be a total game changer. It not only gives you another platform to share your message but how videos are indexed and ranked can give you a major advantage in your search engine optimization efforts.

Imagine embedding a video you made to compliment a blog post within it, then sharing the blog post with video across your social media sites and various directories, pulling people back to your website? This is the formula that albeit takes time, shows the search engines your serious about leading your space and as a result they’ll place you at the top of their rankings.

So now let’s talk Newsletter.

I know we’ve been on a journey here but I truly believe it’ll all prove to have been worth it. After achieving the above you’ll be well on your way and the results will be not only confidence inspiring but the results will be coming in to make instituting more of these strategies not only exciting but liberating.

So you’ve driven tons of traffic to your website through the above strategy… Now we’ll want to further build our relationship with them and keep in touch.

An excellent way to do this is through a newsletter. Through your website, on your social media and various other locations, you’ll want to encourage people to “subscribe” and stay tuned to your content.

Not only is this an excellent way to keep in touch but it’s an incredible platform to share your blog posts, webpages, videos, promotions, current events and more.

The newsletter couple with the above brings things full circle and creates like a symbiotic relationship with your online efforts with each complimenting the next and together increasing the momentum as a whole.

In conclusion…

Online success take thought, strategy and action but if your hearts in the right spot, you truly care about what you do and ambitiously get our there and share your message the rest will fall into place.

We sincerely wish you the highest levels of success and look forward to watching you climb through the ranks!

Should you have questions or interest in learning about our services that can help you successfully accomplish the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.