In basically all forms of marketing you run the chance of hitting a home run or entirely striking out.

What typically decides success is the research and strategies underlying the campaign.

One of the primary considerations we ask people to be aware of is the different destinations affecting their branding.

Most companies have:

  • Website
  • Various Social Networks
  • Multiple Directory Listings
  • Video Channels
  • Industry Association Profiles
  • And more…

When launching a new marketing campaign for your new product or service you want to understand these different destinations and how they can be tied together to give your new product launch the biggest impact.

If ordering takes place on your website, how do we utilize all of the above to capture interest and tie it back to where that interest can be converted into orders.

On the video sites, we need promo videos with calls-to-action that bring them closer to the ability to purchase. On our social networks, maybe we’re posting testimonials or links to the above videos… again, with tie backs, giving them access to buy. Creating blog posts and distributing with the same concepts, etc. are all effective strategies in sharing value and then efficiently directing the interest it generates to destinations where it can be converted.

We want to essentially tailor content for each of the above destinations, all sharing the same theme and designed for the same objective… directing traffic back to where your service or product can ultimately be purchased.

Should you have questions or interest in learning about our services that can help you successfully accomplish the above, please don’t hesitate to reach out anytime.